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DCU Fic: From the Inside Looking In

Title: From the Inside Looking In
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Koriand'r, Dick Grayson, Barbra Gordon
Pairing: Dick/Kory, past- Dick/Babs
Words: 223
Genre: Romance/Angst
Rating: G
Story Notes: Inspired by the song "From the Inside Looking In" by Taylor Swift. <3 enjoy darlings! XD

She shouldn't be eavesdropping. But she needed him. Babs needed Dick, and Dick needed Babs. She just felt it so strongly.

But if they were meant to be, why was she watching Dick and Kory make out on the couch, Dick's arms wrapped lovingly around her slim waist, and Kory's strong, slender arms snaked around Dick's neck? That's because they were dating. "In love. We're in love Babs." Dick had said to her over the phone nights ago, and all she could say was, "That's great Dick...that really is!"

But she didn't mean it. She saw him first. They were so close, so in love. What had happened? They grew apart. He found someone new. Someone exciting. Maybe she was just to keep him company. But Babs doubted it, they wouldn't hold each other like they did. They wouldn't kiss each other like they were.  They wouldn't look at each other like they did.

Babs had Dick, then she lost him. And now someone else has him. And now Babs is crushed. She should've held on stronger...but she didn't. And she easily let Dick go. And now she was alone, and he wasn't.

She's done watching them make out and whisper how much they love each other. She's done with Dick and Kory. She's done being on the inside looking in. She's done...
Tags: character: barbra gordon, character: dick grayson, character: koriand'r, fandom: dcu, fanfiction, pairing: dick/babs, pairing: dick/kory
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