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DCU Fic: Long Live

Title: Long Live
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Stephanie Brown
Pairings: N/A
Words: 317
Genre: General
Rating: G
Story Notes: Again, I got a little inspiration from a Taylor Swift song called Long Live. <3 I just discovered it, and I'm hooked. XD It's really just about how Steph feels about being Batgirl and getting acceptance. Hope you all enjoy!

Tim wasn’t going to tell her what she can’t and can do. She decided her own life. She was going to remember this moment. Her hands were shaking. The first time she’s donning the Batgirl suit that Cass gave her didn’t compare to this. She was the newest Batgirl, and she didn’t care if Tim didn’t know. He didn’t rule her life, she ruled her own. Steph knew her life would never be the same.

As she walked out of the Bat Cave, she held her head like a hero. It was the end of one Batgirl, but the beginning of another, and Steph was going to long live the Batgirl costume. She was going to show everyone just how good she really is.

Steph crashed through so many walls to get to where she is. From when everyone from Batman, to Tim, to the Birds of Prey, to Barbra telling her to give up the Spoiler gig, she never gave up, why should she? She was out there for the duration. And she still is.

Steph’s Batgirl now. And she will be remembered.

She would remember this feeling, the feeling of the new, sleek suit tight against her skin. She would remember the excitement, the exhilaration of it all, just to finally be accepted. To be approved. Steph was done standing on the sidelines wishing she was where she is right now.

Bring on all the pretenders, Steph thought as she jumped from rooftop to rooftop. She could take them. She’s not afraid, she could take anything. She was Batgirl now, and she felt like she could do anything.

Steph hopes that parents would tell their children of how brave and adventurous Batgirl was. She hopes that they hope they would shine like her. That’s her goal. To be a role model for kids everywhere. To have people look up to her.

She will be remembered.

Tags: character: stephanie brown, fandom: dcu, fanfiction
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